All mothers feel a special connection with their children, but some are able to carry a likeness of their loved ones with them in the form of wearable art. Boyarde has had the pleasure of depicting children and their mothers on a number of occasions but felt particularly privileged to be asked to paint a beautiful portrait of the iconic actress Eva Longoria and her gorgeous son Santaigo.

Close friend of Eva’s, the business tycoon Sima Ved, commissioned this special gift, working closely together with Boyarde to create something truly unique for the Desperate Housewives star. Meticulously hand-painted in our London based studio, the portrait took over 100 hours to paint. Using our propriety techniques, involving an elaborate sketching process, the portrait blends comic and realism, characterised by Boyarde’s signature black lines which make the artwork POP!

Boyarde has succeeded in capturing the unique bond between mother and child, and we are so pleased that Eva loves the artwork. She has been featured in People and Hola! magazines, as well as in the Daily Mail, wearing the hand-painted Goyard in Beverly Hills, California. Hola! magazine published a special feature about Boyarde’s work, detailing both the elaborate journey of painting Eva’s bag, as well as showcasing some of Boyarde’s other icon inspired pieces.