Continuing my theme of addressing extreme female stereotypes in popular culture, here i am looking at how the Male was often portrayed as being over powered by the film noir vixen in silver screen hollywood and silver screen horror and thrillers. Giving it a comic strip geek feel, ive taken a sci fi type male character, and over powered him with the sheer curves of the divine body he stands in front of, here is is hypnotised by this amazonian goddess. Ive taken all the fun parts of sci fi and film noir hand painted posters from the 40s and 50s and given it a POP twist. I took this in 2013 but did not edit it until december 2013 and it is yet to be released. Titles for the piece originally were going to be ‘Spextacles’ or ‘spex ray’, however it would be hard not to just call it YIKES! The colours may change but its looking good so far!yikes montage email yikesyikes green purple blue writing yikes blue purple then green then blueThese will be sold as a photograph c-type in Diasec frame, as a triptych limited edition of 10 only, and a colour will be picked for the single version as a limited edition of 5 only. email boyarde@boyarde.com for details