When the owner of this beautiful cream 40 Birkin, said she wanted a Casablanca inspired theme on her bag with perhaps Mickey and Minnie, or Roger Rabbit and Jessica, i leapt at the chance to go for Mr and Mrs Rabbit! This was one of my favourite films when i was younger and it remains forever a classic. The cartoon itself is a parody, on the surface a fun bumbling cartoon, but for adults it has layer upon layer of irony, homing in on every type of film noir stereotype ever created from vintage Hollywood cinema: the damsel in distress, the evil villain, the love sick male, the tough nut cop with a soft spot for damsels, all loaded with classic film quote after quote. This cartoon in itself addresses gender stereotype in history, and what better than for me to add another layer to it by taking the damsel in distress and love sick leading role and plonk them into another film classic, Casablanca, that does exactly the same formula…. A double whammy love story that follows the classic formula stereotyping. But also, for me, this bag is just a pure pleasure to paint, for Jessica Rabbit was a character that i idealised.IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9063 IMG_9071 IMG_9081 IMG_9133 IMG_9134 IMG_9131 IMG_9132

sticking to traditional palette of colours using very fine acrylic paint brushes with Angelus Shoe Polish from Angelus Direct