Jamie’s Jungle close up, a Boyarde artwork on Birkin-so-Black

Boyarde painted a new masterpiece bag for the one and only Jamie Chua!

Something truly special has been brewing in Boyarde’s studio for the past month. One of her most loyal clients, the Singaporean socialite and businesswoman Jamie Chua, wanted to transform her rare Birkin-so-Black into a real piece of wearable art, and our pop-artist didn’t shy away from the challenge!

Boyarde decided to use Jamie’s favourite colour – PINK! – and to create a visual feast of balloons, flowers, jewellery, butterflies, and more, whilst placing a delicate portrait of Jamie amongst all that splendour. The skilled painters in the artist’s studio spent more than 200 hours on the bag, meticulously translating the author’s vision into reality. Boyarde named the artwork Jamie’s Jungle, as a reflection of the socialite’s wildly glamorous and elegant lifestyle. 

This visual extravaganza is Jamie’s third commission from Boyarde, her previous one being a portrait of the influencer blowing a bubblegum and reading a Vogue magazine with herself on its cover, all on a pink Kelly. The idea of having a portrait within a portrait appealed to both artist and client, because of its wit and enormous visual potential, which are evident in the finished piece. 

Jamie Chua in her wardrobe, with her two fabulous Boyarde pieces

It is so nice to see that the Kelly and Jamie’s Jungle Birkin have found their proper place in their owner’s to-die-for wardrobe. What a better home for Boyarde’s fabulous art than Jamie Chua’s most treasured place?

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