If you’ve been following Boyarde’s latest creations, you might have noticed an interesting development in the British artist’s approach to her work. Boyarde has always been a versatile painter, famous for her usage of unconventional canvases, such as the female body, luxury leather accessories, murals, and even motorbikes. But now she has embraced the creation of art that can both adorn a beautiful high-fashion accessory, and also be transferred to a canvas and put on a wall. 

It all began with her work on a pair of classical Gucci loafers which needed some jazzing up. Not a challenge! This time, however, Boyarde decided to be adventurous, so she rediscovered her Pop-Art roots, underlying the materialistic, cult-like aspect of the art of today, merging street graffiti imagery with the popular patterns of luxury fashion brands. Naturally, Boyarde could not resist the temptation of adding an iconic diva, but this time, instead for an old Hollywood luminary, Boyarde went for classical art. And thus, The Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer is now peering through the layers of energetically splattered paint and fashion iconography, piercing us with her mysterious gaze!

Power is Power, 2019, Acrylic wall art & fashion canvas

Boyarde has evolved her new transformative approach of expressionistic splatter and Pop-Art commentary in two successive triptychs. The first one is with the most iconic woman of today, HM Queen Elizabeth II, called Power is Power, and presents a kaleidoscopic picture of symbols of status, framing one of the popular Dior Saddle bags, embellished with the same visuals. 

A Spoonful of Sugar, 2019, Acrylic wall art & fashion canvas

The status of the diva on the other artwork almost equals the Queen’s, but she would never mention it, for her good manners prohibit all boasting. She is, of course, Mary Poppins and the triptych is called A Spoonful of Sugar, playing with the issue of consumerism and exploding with fauvistic boldness of colour. The touch of compulsory Boyarde wit can be seen in the middle, with the magic nanny instructing us from a funny Louis Vuitton Egg bag. 

If Boyarde’s work can go on an Egg bag, then it can go anywhere! What would be her next canvas? We can only guess…

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