As one of christmas’s biggest fans, the Boyarde team celebrated christmas in true style! After working every weekend in order to fulfil what seemed like a never ending list of christmas commissions, we thought we deserved a little celebration! 😉

So, we decked out the studio in true christmas spirit, well and truly christening the studio’s first christmas!! With stockings hanging, and a tree laden with presents we popped open the fancy fizz and blinged ourselves up with a never ending supply of christmas accessories that Boyarde so lovingly collected! Arriving at the studio, with armfuls of goodies, Boyarde  cracked out the cheese, croissants meat and delicious port; not forgetting the mountain of cupcakes that could of fed a small army!

Then came the presents!! Nothing could beat the excited faces of two baffled girls receiving surprise LK Bennett bags that were so desperately desired; not to mention the endless stocking gifts, including candles, purses and divine smellies.

The day didn’t end there, as we headed out for cocktails galore and a fabulous meal at Peckham’s ‘Pedder’ restaurant. Several bottles of wine later, we ended the night with a good boogie courtesy of DJ Brasta on Boyarde’s fantastically festive balcony. Some great videos were captured 😉

All in all what a wonderful christmas, we truly were spoiled rotten!! #BEST BOSS EVER!!! Here are some photos for you, to give you a taster of the days festivities!!


Seasons greeting to you all!!

Love the Boyarde team!

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