As the art i specialise in, addresses how we gender stereotype in popular culture, that pretty much covers everything and everyone, from high art to low art, it looks at mass culture. And where better to find ultimate portrayals of stereotypes, than comic books! Here i have mashed up gender stereotyping and given a little more narrative to these traditional characters. Pumped up Batman and Cat woman, stand there, ready for action, all toned in physique, brimming with macho macho and sexy sexy, only to have the wind taken out of their sails with a slap of irony: ‘now what are we supposed to do?!’. Alpha Female Wonder Woman, known for catching the bad guys and never showing her vulnerable side, uses her alpha powers of persuasion to grab Mickey Mouse with a little help from Frankie Goes to Hollywoods ‘The Power of Love’… Here she plays the dominatrix stereotype. In the next Wonder woman bag painted on a gorgeous Goyard Orange ‘Vendome’, Wonder Woman stays more true to her roots, with a splash of wisdom.  And finally, Mickey Mouse tries his luck with the owner of the white Birkin, seeing if he can get lucky for one night only!…. Here we parody the characters we know so well, making the stereotypes so literal, that that in turn, through humour and wit, literal becomes more layered with meaning.IMG_8492 IMG_8501 IMG_8543 IMG_8979IMG_8956 IMG_9017 IMG_9190 IMG_9240 IMG_9216IMG_8901 IMG_8976

Angelus Paints from Angelus Direct 🙂