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This is a reblog of my previous blog about the gorgeous Charlotte Olympia shoes i was commissioned to paint by Charlotte Olympia for Neiman Marcus in December 2012…..

if you reading this post, it is because you are hopefully a fan of my Pop Art body painting, or fabulous Charlotte Olympia and her incredible sky scraper shoes. Either way, this post revisits a previous project, but on a far larger scale. I am a multi media artist, combining photography with painting, where my canvas is the body, creating Pop Art body works ( www.boyarde.com). I create other genres of art through photography and painting but last year, I was asked to paint a limited number of signature Charlotte Olympia Dolly shoes for Vogue Fashion Night out; we came up with a series of Dolly-meets-great-artists, such as Picasso, Mondrian and Matisse.

Fast forward to 2012, Charlotte Olympia teamed up with Neiman Marcus Miami, to commission 100 hand painted limited edition Dolly-meets-inspirational artists, launched and sold at the Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Miami store for Art Basel, December 2012, and i was summoned for the job! This post has been created after completion of the project and was incredibly exciting: 100 pairs!!! Hand drawn and hand painted by me with the help of a couple of lovely assistants, Tessa and Kate. (For information on the shoes, please go to Charlotte Olympia.) This year the Dolly’s have been christened as:

Post Impressionism Dolly, Neo Plasticism Dolly, Abstract Expressioniam Dolly, Pop Art Dolly, Abstraction Dolly and finally Cubism Dolly. Can you guess which is which!?

Below is the story of the making of these shoes, spanning over 3 months, the results are stunning and i am exceptionally proud to have painted these shoes for Neiman Marcus and Charlotte Olympia. The shoes were launched in the Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Miami store, but by the time you read this post, they will already have all gone! I have several other blogs regarding the making of these shoes in my archives so feel free to browse through, i have one post dedicated to each design showing the step by step process.

First we set out revisiting last years designs, homing in on the more popular shoes, and then finding ways to give them a new lease of life. Picasso, Pollock and Mondrian were a must, but with a new direction. To add to the list, we decided that Lichtenstein was essential, with his punchy, vibrant, mischievous pop art, and Van Gogh, with his beautiful light and dark undertones, should be added. At the last step, Howard Hodgkin and his gorgeous abstract canvass came in to play.

Below are the designs, I also made a time lapse video whilst making the Van Gogh Dolly shoes, which i plan to put up. Time spent on each pair varied greatly.

hopefully you can see the above inspired design relates to Van Gogh’s starry night below!

the new Picasso inspired design, last year made use of a more subtle Picasso colours, but this time we wanted to make use of his vibrancy. The original is blue, but i wanted to bring in lots of green!

my favourite design, it cant be helped, the Lichtenstein inspired Dolly, a mash up all several parts of his Pop Art imagery. This was really fun to make!

Hodgkin would be great fun, a chance to let loose with the paint brush, smothering layers of gloopy paint together. A reminder of the Howard Hodgkin paintings that inspired us:

Mondrian a very straight forward inspiration, although not an easy design to relay onto a bending, curving, rough textured shoe! One can’t use masking tape, rulers or pens to get straight lines, just old fashioned steady hands; this proved to be the hardest shoe to make, and was the most time consuming, believe it or not!

lastly we have Pollock, which needs no design, just fun and splattering, ‘Jack the Dripper’ the master of action painting. Figuring how to get more of the paint on the shoe than on myself, the garden, and even my neighbour’s cat’s paws!

my favourite paints, only the best! Golden acrylics, aiming to use the most light fast pigments. Below: snippets of the making of these shoes, with more to come!  Enjoy 🙂

Dolly’s in waiting… no room for actual food on the kitchen table!

Picasso inspired Dolly waiting for its outline!

not the neatest work station!

i took advantage of some of the nice weather and painted outside as much as i could. Painting in daylight is far easier than tungsten light.

looking forward to seeing them all without the tape covering up the gold island platform!the first finished picasso pair.

the final base coat blue is on, ready for the Van Gogh inspiration.

a lot of heart and soul goes into the Van Gogh inspired Dolly, although i stick to the same design for each pair, its all done wet-painting style, before the layers dry, dipping my brush into the colours evolving on the pallette.

drawing up the Mondrian style grid, i got myself quite confused at some points deciding which block should be which colour. No pair is identical, thats for sure!

starting the outlines

this shoe speaks for itself! Love it! The design, the inspiration and the shoe!

i hand drew each one!

just one more pair…. yes please!

really fun painting the Hodgkin inspired Dolly, plonking my brush into the rainbow of paint, often with several colours on the brush.

last but not least, let the splattering begin!!!!! Oh and please don’t rain, becuase i cant possibly paint these inside!

the mess these Pollock inspired Dolly’s created, is a piece of abstract action art in itself!

Below are the final Dolly’s in nearly all their glory! These Dollys are not finished, there is still masking tape on parts of the heel, platform and arch, and they have not been sprayed, but these pictures give the gist of it! Beautiful shoes, i want them all! Imagine starting pair number 1, knowing you have another 99 to go…… But they will make some lovely feet extremely proud! Which is your favourite design?

gorgeous Hodgkin meets Dolly, should i paint my own pair like this?

oh but the Lichtenstein is magnifique, its simply in-your-face-fabulous!

These Mondrian Dolly’s are straight to the point and so clean cut. I updated the primary colours this year and got rid of the gold blocks, to keep it super simple.

the picasso inspired Dolly’s have such character and are so playful.

love the detail in the Van Gogh dolly, so much to look at, i tried to convey the illustration as a narrative moving across from one shoe to the other! I hope you have enjoyed the making of the hand painted Dolly’s. More to come. Share the Dolly love for the Neiman Marcus Charlotte Olympia project!

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