We’ve all been there. Having a favourite bag that we really love, and damaging it, seemingly beyond repair! Maybe your dear doggy has decided to move on from chewing slippers to chewing your trusty neverfull (trust me, it happens!). Or perhaps your sweet toddler has gained a recent passion for fashion and has decided to ‘upcycle’ your Hermès with crayons. The horror… 

Yet, even when torn or stained, we still want to use our pieces of wearable luxury. Simply repairing the bag, however, would be boring. Instead, why not seize the opportunity and turn your flawed accessory into a unique canvas? 

A brilliant way to not only fix but also improve a damaged Birkin, Kelly or even Chanel, is to adorn it with some fabulous artwork, created especially for the item by Boyarde Art House. Founded by the British artist Boyarde Messenger, it is famous for its bold and beautiful pop art imagery, and specialises in painting on designer handbags, using Boyarde’s meticulous proprietary techniques. 

Most of the luxury canvases we paint on are either new or in good condition, but now and then we have to face up to a real challenge. Sometimes covering a heavily damaged area is easier said than done. We’ve painted over spots, leather rips and scratches, and even though it may not erase the problem entirely, one no longer sees the painful problem, but is entranced by the colourful and witty artwork.  

Like in this beautiful, but sadly stained Hermès Birkin! It came to the studio with some awful splatter, right in its centre, ruining the rich burgundy red leather. We knew that the client had a passion for her hometown, so we thought a beautiful striking image of the Doha skyline would allow her to take a piece of her home wherever she ventured.

Now it is even better than new. With the fresh contrast between the blue and the red, its owner will feel even more fabulous than before. Because now her bag is something more. It is a Boyarde!

Don’t forget to check out our work on the Boyarde Art House website: https://www.boyarde.com/fashion/

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