It is time to love your derriere! BRAND NEW WORK!

If you have not read the sub menu ‘Pop Art Bottoms‘ on the homepage of my blog, this post visits the same artwork. I have taken a sample from my latest press release for you to read that describes my new direction in painting on Pop Art Bottoms. And yes that’s right, i actually paint directly onto the body in particular the bottom, then photograph it! All my artworks are available for sale as very limited edition photographs and I regularly exhibit internationally with The Cynthia Corbett Gallery.

I am now available for private body commissions, creating a bespoke piece of artwork on your body and giving you a unique photographic artwork, signed by me. You can make it public or keep it completely private, and the beauty of having your bottom painted, male or female, is that your identity can remain hidden if you wish. Some clients find this incredibly empowering and the entire process is extremely fun and liberating. The process would start with an initial consultation following on with ideas and sketches to be approved by the client. Then the fun begins….! I embrace all shapes and sizes and there is a pose and design suited to every shape. Please fill out the contact sheet below or contact management at

Or you may want to buy a piece of my limited edition art work! Please see my entire collection at where each piece is titled under the ‘i’ info button at the top left corner of each piece. Or you may like some of my other artwork photographs available there. Prices direct through the artist range from £400-£3000 framed and unframed depending on size and edition availability. DSC03311Boyarde Art in Portugal IMG_1655 Boyarde Art in Portugal DSC03276 Boyarde Art in Portugal

Here is my press release:

Artist Boyarde Messenger’s notorious POP ART BOTTOMS can be found in all corners of the globe with collectors reaching London, Australia, The Royal Palaces of Jordan,Paris, New York and Belize. With widespread acclaim, they have featured in The Sunday Times Style Magazine, The Evening StandardThe Resident, and The Independent, describing her work as showing ‘the hallmark of [a] gifted photographer”.Boyarde combines hand painting and photography, describing the work as “highlighting…[her] playful personality, injecting it with humour and mischievousness, whilst liberating the object of desire, admiring its form, yet still confirming the vital balance between power and vulnerability.”

Boyarde’s new Pop Art Bottoms, explores further her fascination with the female form and the nature of its power, engendered in the ‘pleasure of looking’: Scopophilia. This notion examines all gazes, from narcissism within the subject, to objectification by the viewer. Working with the Pop Idiom Boyarde re-contextualizes familiar sub-conscious Scopophilic images of all types of art from The Pre-Raphaelites to Lichtenstein, to TheGolden Age of ComicsPulp Fiction novels to icons of photography and cinema. In doing so she unravels the history of gender stereotype and by painting onto the female body for her canvas, she transforms high art into low art, back into high art, by embracing the wonderful vulgar progress of kitsch.

Below is a selection of my new 2013 Pop Art SCOPOPHILIA work and my 2012 work transcending from colour and patterns to familiar imagery.yikes montageWarhol marilyn triptych email c In the moment rainbow c baang email c Baang Baang Baang fabric front cover and EF MEDIspa 0412 In the moment blue c BUTT ?! body painted art by Boyarde Messenger Butt ?! Triptych body painted art by Boyarde MessengerThe Pleasure of Gazing at Marilyn in Green cbaang behind the scenes1e making of coralline mosaic making tiles making ofPhoenix Rising Lava lamp email coralline red coralline algae triptych email azulejos diamantes azulejos estrellas aquacuore azulejos triptych dribble triptych BLACK email copyright Please get in touch if you are interested in getting your own bottom painted commission or would like to buy a piece of Pop Art Bottom art, they are very collectable!

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