My previous post revealed that I went to Portugal recently, and since i have not had time to go to my beloved Belize where i create all of my art, i decided to be inspired by the amazing world of Olhao, a small portuguese fishing village. Here, i fell in love with the tiles everywhere and shall have to go back to create more body painted art! I also went to France and create some art there too.

I think it is important to show some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures of making my art, in particular as i hear many people saying that i couldn’t possibly paint the body and it must be a projection in photoshop. Well these pictures prove there is hard graft going into the making of the final product, which of course will be coming soon! Enjoy!

my fried mimi and I both have a go at drawing tiles into my ideas book, copying the tiles we see on the wall, below.our beautiful courtyard becomes my art studio, but its the perfect place to be inspired as it is so atmospheric. Now, drawing the tiles onto the body using a ruler.took FOREVER to draw it out as mathematics and straight lines are not my forte!!!!!!only took 4 and a half hours to paint!!! doesn’t look like it though does it?!obviously this is not the final image but it is a hint!cutting out potato shapes like we used to do when we were little to mimi mosaic tiles. Sweet potato should do it!yummy food got to keep us going while we make art!putting the potato cut outs to work!a hard days creating is rewarded by yummy BBQ fish!moving over to France suddenly! a design that i had made and was very eager to make!the above is based on this design that i made inspired by multi animal print. LOVE!

its going to be amazing the final image wait and SEE!:) hope you enjoyed.

thank you to lovely mimi gordon for taking such lovely behind-the-scenes pictures x