Esther Fieldgrass, fabulous owner of EF Medispa, will be opening a luxurious lingerie boutique called Petits Bisous on 187 Kings Road next spring, but in the mean time, before the builders come in and the hoarding goes up, she asked me to put my Pop Art Bottoms in the window as she is a big fan of them (hand painted body art images), and incorporate some art around them with the logo. So i painted two ornate frames around them and hand painted the logo and wording with gold paint. The whole thing took 2 days, although i mis-predicted only one day, but it was so cold and misty that the paint wouldn’t dry for other layers to be added. I used acrylic paint, and the frame was done in my favourite brand, Golden Acrylics from Jackson’s Art at Putney Bridge (mega helpful art shop with unbeatable prices!). I have attached the making of the window through a series of photographs with the final fabulous out come. So enjoy! I have been told that it is a show stopper and everyone stops to look at read it and take pictures, so job done!:)


using a chinagraph pencil to draw directly onto glass




IMG_2826painting with gold paint, yummy!



IMG_2823IMG_2811I had to paint each window, although identical, with different technique as the window painter came late to paint the window so i had to work around him. This window had a yellow base under the gold paint. One layer of paint is not enough for coverage. Waiting for the paint to dry in cold very misty conditions, did not help.

IMG_2829And here is the final window! lovely jubbly: the boutique will be called Petits Bisous


My bottoms: Monsoon Kwila Indigo Foil and Golden Wrapper 2010, limited edition pieces, where i have hand painted the gold stencil design directly onto her body and the backdrop.IMG_4743IMG_4745