In the art world, i specialise in hand painting the body to create my limited edition Pop Art Doy works, in particular the Pop Art Bottom that sells internationally all over the world. That is my ‘art’ for the art world. But behind the scenes, i also love painting murals. I am a photographer and painter but my roots is in painting and i have been doing murals for several years i just don’t promote this. I shall post more murals that i have done. This one i just finished last week for a lovely client and her gorgeous 4 year old daughter who wanted the princess in her tower, Rapunzel, bursting with colour, flowers and impact.

I paint using acrylic and i draw the design first, then project it or scale it to the wall depending on the scenario it requires. I then start doing layers of painting starting with the background working my way to the foreground ie rapunzel. As i paint wit acrylic that dries so quickly, blending is very hard to do as it does not stay wet and requires special technique.

Here is the start to finish…. hope you enjoy!rapunzel 2 rapunzel 3 rapunzel 4 rapunzel 5 rapunzel 6 rapunzel 7 rapunzel 8 this mural took 4 days to paint and around a day for preparation from research to the drawing. If you are looking for a mural to be painted contact me at my website does not promote my murals but i have plenty of previous work to show 🙂