I have been lucky enough to be commissioned to paint my Boyarde Pop Art stamp onto a vintage Hermes Birkin bag for a client. The brief was as follows: ‘I trust you Boyarde’! A very happy customer and a very happy artist!

When painting on fashion accessories, the utmost care and precision is taken using a tried and tested formula with specialists paints (for leather, canvas etc…), primers and glazes. The artwork is designed to be wearable, waterproof and usable, however as it is a unique piece of art on an object that is very vulnerable to wear and tear, it should be treated with the utmost respect and acknowledge that it will not last like a normal bag if bashed around carelessly.

If you are interested in getting your vintage branded accessory customised with a unique Boyarde Pop Art piece, go to the contact page, or email me at boyarde@boyarde.com / boyardem@yahoo.co.uk and we can go from there. I will try to keep this post updated with commissions as i go along.goodbye my darling montage cfront cback hermes cname chermes c [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]