The majority of my art addresses popular culture and how we gender stereotype, and i work in the pop idiom using kitsch as my tool to address familiar imagery associated with stereotyping. But i also do name painting made out of objects. I do this, because its fun and its different. I am not the artist for you, if you want good old fashioned monogramming though! The man for you is Nick Taylor ‘ Los Angeles ArtHouse‘ who used to paint for Louis Vuitton!

This bag is a Goyard GM tote and the client wanted her intials painted on, made out of jewellery, so this involved researching jewellery that would translate well into intials and fit well together in an abstract form. So i looked at Broaches, gems, earrings and of course, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!IMG_9033 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9058 IMG_9059 IMG_9060a next client who wanted a C made out of jewels:

goyard purse jewellery text goyard purse jewelleryThis bag was painted for Charlotte Olympia Dellal, who wanted her little baby son’s name RIO inspired by tropical RIO things!goyard rio detail goyard progress Charlotte Olympia Rio capitals email Rio Goyard finished