So i know i posted up a couple of pics and the time lapse video of my body painting, but i said i would put up the full pictures of the night and the making of the body painting so here it is! My solo show was named: BODY + SPACE, a term that a friend in Belize came up with for describing my work and it does the job. My Pop Art Bottoms and nudes fit under the branch of the Body and my love of prowling the streets of Belize at night to find a parallel universe through the light of the moon and a three minute shutter speed, clearly fits into Space! The show was predominantly filled with my Bottoms, hand painted on the body and then photographed. Chinawhite saw pictures from my body painting live installation at The Saatchi Gallery in 2010 and thought this would be the perfect time to do my second installation! This time around i wanted to paint in much more detail and not just in my signature patterns that i do for the bottoms. So it seemed fitting to do a tribute to the Queens Diamond Jubilee, what with it being heavily present in the media. So of course i added my own kitsch stamp and love of colour and…. voila!…. The show was a big hit, my guests loved the installation art, or my Goddess girls as i call them, the art was raved about and the Pop Art Bottom Cup cakes were a definite yes!

Below are pictures of the show, the making of the body art, which would have been impossible without the help of the amazing body painter artist Emma Allen, painting for a solid 8 hours! And of course to my amazing girls Lotta and Alex who didnt pee once…. nope!

For those of you who are interested in the process of the painting, i am not a body painter, i just happen to be a painter who uses the body as my canvas. I feel at home painting with artists paint brushes and acrylic as opposed to makeup brushes and body paint. I do not have the training or patience to use body paint, although i do use it a bit, but i commend and stand in awe at the incredible detail that other body painters achieve. Acrylic is clearly not meant to go on the body, it seeps into the cracks, flakes very quickly and the colours are dulled. It needs something to grip to and that would be: body latex liquid as the primer allowing it to flex in a rubbery state. So enjoy the process and the art!

First the show is set up:

now to start painting the ladies…. 8 hours and counting until the doors open for the private view!

painting / priming using household rollers and hairdryers!

the outline is drawn

emma painting the front of my design, a quick sneek peak

time is running out, hitting the 8th hour so need a little paintbrush help from Broaster!

Lotta earns a right to have a break and eat her McDonalds cheese burger, love it!

Now its Alex's turn to eat her well deserved cheeseburger! LOVE IT MORE!

Now its Alex's turn to eat her well deserved cheeseburger! LOVE IT MORE!

finishing touches and a bit more burger eating, before we present our Goddesses!

get the shoes on

my fabulous bottom cupcakes by Caketoppers !

my montage portraits, obama, marilyn monroe and marlon brando

looking good in green next to my 'pantheon goddess in emerald green'

Here is my first ever time lapse video: the making of the diamond jubilee tribute:

i hope you enjoyed it 🙂