AS you will have seen in my previous posts, i was the Mystery Guest for Russell Howard’s Good News on BBC 3, that, including i player and repeats reaches 5 million viewers as BBC 3’s most popular show. IT was such a blast and my fabulous model Alex and i had such fun; although we were tucked away for the entire day in our dressing room, painting Alex without really being allowed to wonder round as the mystery guest genuinely is a mystery!

In case you don’t know, i specialise in Scopophilia art, The Pleasure of Gazing at the female form, where i address popular culture and imagery from art to cinema to photography that consciously or sub consciously deals with the female stereotype and gender role. Currently i am focusing on the extreme depiction of the female in 1950s comic strip art and Pulp Fiction Thriller novels, where the female was either extremely vulnerable aka the housewife, or the bad ass heroine villainess depicted in an extremely dominant sexual way. I have such fun taking inspiration from these genres and re contextualising them through the Pop Idiom, and where better to express this than on the female body itself and load it with some glorious irony! I do paint on other canvasses too but i am known for my fabulous Pop Art Bottoms, and that is why i was on the Russell Howard show as my bottoms have had a huge amount of media attention recently, from The Daily Mail, The Metro, The Huffington Post to speaking on BBC radio.

The show was such fun to make and i have been inundated with requests, in particular lots of lovely women willing to shed their clothes to be my model, something i am never short of, but it is the best compliment for women to approach me in this way as it means im doing something right! Embracing the inner goddess and bringing her out through humour and frivolity whilst keeping the balance between power and vulnerability! PLAYFUL PROVOCATIVE POP!

Here is the piece i created especially for the show with every intention to make it into a finished piece of art that will eventually be sold in my gallery all over the world, i hope! My art is sold as limited editions of 5 single bottoms and 10 triptych bottoms. I have collectors all over the world, enjoying my pic n mix of colourful bottoms that stay on the safe side of naughty! This piece below is a SNEAK PEAK, it is not quite finished, i have not decided the final crop, the final colours and may need to tweak a few more brush strokes, all basic stuff… But for now, i present BOOM BOOM BOOM…. Unless i change my mind and call it ‘She Was The Bomb’ … what do you think? Load up that IRONY please and enjoy 🙂

BOOM BOOM BOOM test by Boyarde Russell Howard show

IMG_3242 IMG_3235bomb1 russell howard 2

teaching russell how to paint on his own unique canvas, not quite what he expected!Russell howard 1

Russell trying to guess what my job is…… a very special one!metro 030613

all the press that caught BBC 3’s attention. Bottoms UP!huffington post 100613 Daily Mail 4 email Daily Mail 3 email Daily Mail 2 emailhope you enjoyed! explore my blog more or to see more Pop Art Bottoms or private commissions 🙂