Our murals take the viewer on a journey. We draw inspiration for the artwork from your story and combine it with Boyarde’s touch to deliver an everlasting piece of art.

Harvest, 2004

This 40ft commission was for a 17th-century Chateau located at the heart of a sublime French winery. The art reflects the heritage and history of winemaking and vineyards with all the passion, love and hard work that is poured into a bottle of wine.

Wonderland, London, 2013

The mural created the perfect backdrop of escapism to a magical fairyland.

Ruby Ray Fashion, 2012

SS12 Campaign, London

Boyarde was commissioned by the British ready-to-wear fashion brand, Ruby Ray for their Spring Summer 2012 campaign, inspired by fairy tales with hints of whimsical. Boyarde drew her inspiration for these artworks from chinoiserie and traditional Chinese art for storybooks. These illustrative murals were designed to create an ethereal backdrop to continue the journey for the viewer.

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