What better than the iconic and mischievous Betty Boop, paired with Mr Monopoly, to transform this once Green Hermes Birkin! Here are snaps of the finished bag, and i will try and figure out how to upload the video making of, next! Bling baby bling! ‘I ain’t sayin she’s a Golddigga…’! This bag is inspired by the graffiti artist Alec Monopoly aka Mr Monopoly.

The client did not like the original green colour, so i decided the colour match the front to the existing blue front flap, but first to prepare the surface so it can be entirely primed!Mr monopoly birkin close up a Mr monopoly birkin close up bMr monopoly birkin close up d

Mr monopoly birkin close up 3 Mr monopoly birkin close up 8 Mr Monopoly montage 2Mr monopoly birkin text

if you want to have your bag painted with satire and Pop Art by Boyarde get in touch or email info@boyarde.com x

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