Marilyn Monroe meets Nutella





Marylin Nutella Birkin 6 copy This particular client wanted to combine her love of Marilyn Monroe, her icon with her love of Nutella on her gorgeous Hermes Birkin 25 in navy blue! Simple! Give her the fabulous Snow White / Witch quote ‘mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?’?!….Marylin Nutella Birkin 5 copy Marylin Nutella Birkin 4 copy Marylin Nutella Birkin 3 copy Marylin Nutella Birkin 1 copy

One thought on “Marilyn Monroe meets Nutella

  1. Forgive me for asking but shouldn’t it be “Who’s the fairest of them all” as in, “who is” shortened and not “whose” inquiring ownership? How do you correct a mistake on painted leather?

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