What a busy start to the year! I have been beavering away creating some fabulous new designs for clients; including a selection of mash ups which combine satirical narrative with some iconic cartoon characters! Here is a selection for you to give you a little taster.

Mickey minnie mouse marvel wonder woman text

Mickey and Minnie mouse as Captain America and Wonder Woman….

mickey minnie marvel mash up kelly montage

Snow white dwarves red goyard close up 2

Close up of the seven dwarfs happily sitting on their Hermes, and Chanel boxes!

Flintstones goyard front and back

Betty and Wilma are notoriously known for their love of shoping, so what better than to pair them up with Samantha’s fabulous quote from sex and the City..

Flintstones Goyard back

Couldn’t resist the irony of painting the clam of Bedrock, in reference to the multiple reality TV shows, such as the real housewives of Beverly Hills…


Miss Piggy Goyard close up miss piggy and kermit goyard

What better than to pair up the most narcissistic self involved cartoon character with Dolly Parton’s famous quote..

Popeye close up Popeye and Olive Goyard

Popeye known for his strength and non-nonsensical dialogue, and his undying love for Olive, couldn’t resist giving him John Travolta’s famous line from Grease..

mickey mouse mini kelly front and back mickey mouse mini kelly front 2

“Here’s Mickey!” …. my version of Johnny in the shining

Snow White Red Goyard front and back Snow white red goyard front

Snow white uses her original quote but instead of referring to the poisonous apple she refers to her addiction to shopping.. that as the dwarfs say “she couldn’t resist”..

Mickey Mouse she loves me Birkin text

Mickey tries it on with the owner of the bag…!


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