This brilliant video is the behind-the-scenes to the new Joubi jewellery range which is coming out this spring / summer and of course i was the photographer! We had great fun styling and creating the first ever Joubi shoot to go with the quirky yet elegant pieces that Joanna Bourne has created. Our model was the stunning and so adorable Gia Johnson Singh. The team worked like clock work, and apart from a few mishaps such as one of my lights blowing up and literally puffs of smoke and little flames coming up, making me one light down, it was a great team effort. Check out the video below and enjoy, there is a little sneeky peak of me in there! Thank goodness Joanna hasn’t put up her own personal video of me directing gia, and doing some very wierd photo dance that i do when im happy with the picture i have just taken!

Its a beautifully shot video and captures the essence of what we were trying to achieve, wait until the final photos come out!