humidor pug dog behind the scenes 1

A few weeks back Boyarde created one of her favourite designs to date; which is simply bursting with satire.

What better than to combine everybody’s favourite dog, the adorable ‘Pug’ with the gangsta’ lifestyle. Painted on a cigar humidor box, featured smoking a cigar, styling some heavy bling, this pug dog has been well and truly gangstafied.

To add to the satire, Boyarde then paired this blinged up pug with the Jay-Z quote “I got 99 problem’s but a cigar ‘ain’t one”, a crucial word changed there.. can you guess which one? 😉

Here are some snaps for you. If you have any pets you’d like to ganstafy on your own fashion accessories. contact for further info.

humidor pug dog behind the scenes 3 Humidor Pug 1 copy Humidor Pug 2 copy humidor pug montage copy humidor pug dog behind the scenes 2 Humidor Pug 5 Humidor Pug 4 humidor pug montage 1 [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]