what a beautiful fabulous night it was at Charlotte Olympia’s shop in Maddox Street, i was hand painting her Signature Dolly shoe inspired by great artists, for Vogue’s Fashion Night out. Had so much fun, painting Dolly-meets-Picasson, Mondrian, Pollock, Matisse and of course Charlotte’s Yves Klein Blue Dollys that she painstakingly spent hours on to get the right blue! The Dolly shoes were the talk of the Town!x

primed up and masking taped Dolly’s ready to go!

Mondrian’s in the making!

The Pollock Splattering is sooooooo much fun to make!

out and about town for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out

Brasta is very proud!

Charlotte painting Yves Klein Blue Dollys, most hard!

wait until we get the masking tape off these Picasso inspired Dolly’s they will be gorgeous!