My art address gender stereotypes in popular culture, which gives a broad palette for inspiration when re contextualising familiar imagery into the Pop Idiom. It can cover anything from popular imagery of the great masters of art, to comic strips, to pop artists themselves to cinema and photography. Here and there, a superhero comes into play from macho batman to minxy Minnie. But where i currently find most joy, is looking to the silver screen of Hollywood cinema, finding inspiration from classic film stills to film noir actresses. Their beauty is classic and timeless, which for me, is key in creating a piece of art that will not only last, physically, when painted on a bag, but stand the test of time, fashion and trends.

Film noir, as a genre was packed with gender stereotypes and ripe with macho men and damsels in distress: its the perfect place to pluck these characters out and re contextualise with different quotes / song lyrics / movie lines to create a new narrative on my canvas: a birkin or a goyard or a louis vuitton!IMG_8560 IMG_8618 Lady in red Rita Hayworth Style mashed up with Gone with The Winds ‘Frankly My Dear I don’t Give a Damn’….IMG_8619 IMG_8583 IMG_8581 IMG_8694 The perfect film Noir lighting to photograph this bagIMG_8762 IMG_8925 IMG_9179  To catch a Thief meets, Moulin RougeIMG_9247 IMG_9260 IMG_9293 to catch a thief mash up square text