This Louis Vuitton bag has been giving a whole new makeover with my Boyarde Pop Art Style. What was just a sassy bag is now unique and stands out from the crowd. I want to keep it myself! The art is based on the familiar genre of 1950s comic book strips and Pulp Fiction Thrillers and 1950s Hollywood glamour shots, where the female is normally stuck between 2 stereotypes: extremely vulnerable and week or ridiculously powerful and intimidating. My art addresses these extremes through the Pop Idiom addressing this balance between the two.

A very thorough process is under taken when painting on leather, using the highest quality leather paints, Angelus and the whole process is extremely important to make sure the paint binds with the leather and remains flexible from prepping, priming, painting in very thin layers, and protective glazes to ensure it remains waterproof. Enjoy! And do get in touch if you are interested in commissioning me to paint a bag! 🙂louis vuitton neverfull montage

louis vuitton progress

Louis Vuitton neverfull montage 2 louis vuitton finished angelus paints