this post shows my latest project where i have been painting my Pop Art Scopophilia (translates as the pleasure of gazing at the female form!) on to vintage fashion accessories,  addressing female stereotypes in familiar imagery from the 1950s from The Golden Age of Comics to Hollywood Icons to Pulp Fiction novels. I have got my hands on gorgeous one off bags to leather shorts. All were commissioned by the fabulous new Petits Bisous Boutique, London, UK.

All my pieces are unique in some way and are extremely limited edition if not a one-off. You can commission me to make a piece! I paint on leather, canvas and all sorts. See my next post where i was commissioned to paint an Hermes Birkin bag!

There is a rigorous process when painting on anything other than paper, all fabrics require their own prepping process, types of paint, and glazes to protect the artwork and prolongue longevity. I design artworks on fashion which are meant to last forever, however the fact is, they will be subject to increased wear and tear and should be worn with the utmost respect, after all you are wearing a piece of art!IMG_6160IMG_6162IMG_6255IMG_6256eye and lips fronteyes and lips backhitchcock backhitchcock front copykiss me backkiss me shorts frontkiss me shortskiss memarilynpocahontasTwo minds copy

some of these one off art fashion pieces may still be for sale, so please contact me on behalf of Petits Bisous.[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]