January exhibitions kicked of with my Pop Art Bottoms being exhibited with my gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery at The London Art Fair. I had four of my hand painted bottoms, Monsoon Kwila Indigo Foil, Venus Kallypigos Steely Hue, Mysterious Jungala in Green Tea and Mysterious Jungala Tarnished Gold. The Fair was brilliant mix of traditional and contemporary art, although i did find myself drawn to the modern art with brilliant sculptures, pop art displays of colour and life. My gallery stand was brimming with creative and visionary art, with pieces by brilliant vivacious Deborah Azzopardi, whom i love to pieces, Klari Reiss, Nicolas Saint Gregoire, Tom Leighton and myself!

In the same week i also exhibited in Palm Beach Miami which was very exciting, but sadly i couldn’t go so left it in the capable hands of my gallery. In the mean time here are some piccies from the London Art Fair for you to browse through, that caught my attention x 🙂

MY Pop Art Bottoms

My pop art bottoms and Deborah Azzopardi's Pop Art Bottom!

London Art Fair, Deborah Azzopardi and Nicolas Saint Gregoire

London Art Fair, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, Klari Reiss

Klari Reiss’ version of london

Tom Leighton with The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

London Art Fair, The cynthia Corbett Gallery, Klari Reiss, Tom Leighton and Nicolas Saint Gregoire

Getting busy at our stand

The brilliant collages of Lluís Barba

Lluís Barba close up

Deborah Azzopardi and Nicolas Saint Gregoire

Amazing project with the Cynthia Corbett Gallery

Ghost of a Dream is a collaborative project between Lauren Was and Adam Ekstrom

beautiful work by the sheer scale of the detail in the collage.

A slideshow below of some other fabulous art there, but also pics from above, i still dont have the hang of this blogging and cant seem to just make a slideshow of select images, so apologies for that!