I exhibited my fabulous Pop Art Bottoms  and Montage Icon Portraits at this years AAF Battersea along side other artists represented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery. The private view was a huge success with champagne flowing to a mash up of soulful ska and electronic beats played by the brilliant Chris Pedley from The Baker Brothers. This fair was very up beat and it reflected in the sales, every gallery sold well, people’s spirits were high and there was definitely less of a feeling of economic doom and gloom. As per usual at our stand, the Cynthia Corbett Gallery, it was an array of colour and contemporary art, glowing like a succulent juicy orange waiting to be peeled!

I sold some lovely bottoms and so got to display several pieces of my work by re-hanging. I took several strolls down the aisles and took some pictures of art that interested me or stood out from the crowd. Of course i remain loyal to some of the fabulous artists that my gallery represents such as Deborah Azoppardi! I have also attached a couple of pictures to remind you that i hand paint the body first before photographing it as people don’t seem to get that!xx

getting ready to hang

going over Chelsea bridge to get to the private view

exhibiting alongside the fabulous Deborah Azoppardi, our work always looks great together.

Deborah Azzorpardi next to my montage Icons of Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe

Deborah Azzopardi's amazing table below my pop art bottoms

The fabulous Cynthia Corbett Gallery stand

Petri Dishes amazing art by Klari Reiss with The Cynthia Corbett Gallery

busy busy!

a closer look at Klari Reiss

Loved these detailed prints by Kristjana S. Williams


more art by Kristjana S. Williams


Lluis Barba

Lluis Barba takes on Kandinsky

David Zimmerman

reminds me of my Washing Line Series of pictures that i take in Belize, beautiful picture by Barry Cawston

CROWS FEET.....!!! brilliant

Freida Tea bags

Helmut Newton wannabe Barbies

Jackie Tsai ‘Floral Skull’ love love love!

Love the Lego Magritte

amazing hologram of marilyn saying 'wow' from every angle! by Martin Richardson

amazing hologram of marilyn saying ‘wow’ from every angle! by Martin Richardson

I hope you enjoyed it!x