Exhibiting at Chinawhite for Jason Bradbury’s ‘Lust’ and ‘Icons’ shows with a burlesque dancer and beat box wrapper!

When Jason Bradbury puts on an art show, he never does it by halves. Exhibitions have been known to flow with laughter and music, the odd ‘life’ drawing class with a naked man adorned on the plush cushion, and much more. The two shows i contributed my art two this February including the most fabulous burlesque dancer, whose name i cannot remember nor find, doing two acts, the first as a drunk, tearful Texan singing ‘im so lonely, oh so lonely’ with an adorable southern drawl! Her second was as a ‘loony’ in her silence-of-the-lamb masque! Very unique and extremely titillating! The burlesque dancing came in sync with the ‘Lust’ show of which i exhibited my Pop Art Bottoms and made some glorious sales to new clients! The last act for the ‘Icons’ Show was one of the artists exhibiting and an amazing DJ who beat boxed his way through the night, it was incredible.

Chinawhite will be hosting my solo show at the end of march where i hope to do more body painting for the private view. The perfect venue to merge art, fashion and clubbing! Once again watch this space!

My work: ‘The variable kaleidoscope of Obama’ ‘The Deification of Marlon’ and ‘The Pleasure of Gazing at Marilyn’.

A fashion show taking place in the club, a large owl attached to the models shoulder!

A fashion show took place on the same night with a large owl attached to the models shoulder. Definitely a mix going on!

Venus Kallipygos Steely hue
my bottoms: Monsoon Kwila Indigo Foil and Venus Kallipygos Steely Hue

Phallic art for the ‘lust’ show!

Icons at Chinawhite, Drew Walker’s amazing Marilyn
Drew Walker’s Mohammed Ali
Drew Walker’s John Lennon, stunning

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