This is part 6 of 6 posts, showing the behind the scenes of the Charlotte Olympia, Neiman Marcus collaboration, where i as the artist, was commissioned to hand paint 100 limited edition pairs of Charlotte’s signature shoe: The Dolly. My previous post, skims over the project that was redeveloped from last years popular hand painted Dolly’s that we made for Vogue Fashion Night Out. I am a british artist, specialising in painting and photography, in particular body painting. I exhibit internationally with my gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, but i love doing exciting projects like this MAMMOTH one: a three month project of solid hand painting canvas shoes being launched and sold by Neiman Marcus in their Bal Harbour Miami store, for Art Basel week, December 2012. Watch the making of the shoes through these 6 posts and enjoy!x

Information about the Neiman Marcus / Charlotte Olympia collaboration limited edition hand painted Dolly’s can be found at Charlotte Olympia

The Abstraction Dolly: 6 great Artists to inspire the design: the final artist: Howard Hodgkin is a British living ‘semi abstract’ artist, whose innovative colourful canvass, often spanning over 5 years just to make one piece (building layer upon layer of oil paint over and across the  canvas and its frame), creates art with vaguely recognisable shapes through bold colours. Some of the paint is so thick, the painting starts to become 3-D.

Howard Hodgkin: Dinner at Smith Square.

Painting a Dolly inspired Hodgkin, would mean freeing the contraints of the paint brush, layering up the paint and gliding over and around its shape. Although i found the process therapeutic and the final designs were a delightful rainbow of colour, relaying Hodgkin’s painting principles onto the limited space and shape of the shoe, proved extremely tricky, as one would get into the ‘swoop’ and ‘sweep’ of the technique, there wasn’t enough shoe or canvas to allow the paint brush to lead the way. Never the less, it was great fun to make.

with the added swoop of gold, it lifts the rainbow colours and draws even more attention. Similar to the Pollock design, these Hodgkin inspired abstract Dollys create a symbios between the loose, spontaneous smothering of paint and the clean, angled, sublime structure of the Dolly itself. Harmony!

charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde

please note that the Dolly shoe is not actually finished in these images and that there is still masking tape on parts of the shoe, although these pictures give the general gist of the Dolly in all its glory!

Charlotte Olympia.comNeiman