This is part 5 of 6 posts, showing the behind the scenes of the Charlotte Olympia, Neiman Marcus collaboration, where i as the artist, was commissioned to hand paint 100 limited edition pairs of Charlotte’s signature shoe: The Dolly. My previous post, skims over the project that was redeveloped from last years popular hand painted Dolly’s that we made for Vogue Fashion Night Out. I am a british artist, specialising in painting and photography, in particular body painting. I exhibit internationally with my gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, but i love doing exciting projects like this MAMMOTH one: a three month project of solid hand painting canvas shoes being launched and sold by Neiman Marcus in their Bal Harbour Miami store for Art Basel, December 2012. Watch the making of the shoes through these 6 posts and enjoy!x

Information about the Neiman Marcus / Charlotte Olympia collaboration limited edition hand painted Dolly’s can be found at Charlotte Olympia

6 great Artists to inspire the design: Jackson Pollock was a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. A master of ‘action’ art, he would flick, splat and dribble paint over his horizontal canvass. The images were often chaotic, almost claustrophobic, with paint fighting paint, but the images were still a visual feast of colour and commotion. What better than to smatter a Dolly and bring two opposites together in an apocalypse! A little dramatic i know, but seriously if you saw the mess i created whilst making this, knowing i was splashing and splattering these exquisitely crafted shoes, you may say the same thing! But what fun it was…. MESS EVERYWHERE!

these Pollock inspired Dollys have been based paint coated in a cream colour with pinky blobs, ready for their splashing, but already, whilst waiting, they are getting splattered by others being splattered!

this is just the beginning!

the final splash of gold

this is definitely a more mature and confident Dolly meets Pollock as opposed to last years that was more ‘dainty’ see below:

last years Pollock Dolly were less aggressive and with less attitude. This year, no splatter too big!

This Dolly has got balls of steel!

sadly i forgot to take any final pictures of the Dolly with their Gold platform with the masking tape taken off. The opposites attract for the clean design of the Dolly and the magnificent gold island platform combined with the chaos of the paint, make it a very striking shoe.

just imagine it, if you can with the tape peeled off to reveal the signature Gold Dolly platform. Gorgeous! yes please! I had SO much fun making this design and i had paint in my hair, my nails, on my face, my ears, my clothes, for days!!!!

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