This is part 2 of 6 posts to be released, showing the behind the scenes of the Charlotte Olympia, Neiman Marcus commission for Art Basel Miami, where i as the artist, was asked to hand paint 100 limited edition pairs of Charlotte’s signature shoe: The Dolly. My previous post, skims over the project that was redeveloped from last years popular hand painted Dolly’s that we made for Vogue Fashion Night Out. I am a british artist, specialising in painting and photography, in particular body painting. I exhibit internationally with my gallery, The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, but i love doing exciting projects like this MAMMOTH one: a three month project of solid hand painting canvas shoes being launched and sold by Neiman Marcus in their Bal Harbour Miami store, December 2012 during Art Basel week. Watch the making of the shoes through these 6 posts and enjoy!x

Information about the Neiman Marcus / Charlotte Olympia limited edition hand painted Dolly’s can be found at Charlotte Olympia

This is the POP ART DOLLY. 6 master artists were chosen and for the Pop Art shot: Dolly Meets Lichtenstein: IN YOUR FACE FABULOUS! This Dolly packs a punch through the wonderful comic strip world of Lichtenstein. Whats on your mind when you think about Charlotte Olympia: ‘just one more pair…..’!!!!. It was all about constructing how the comic book lips and face would look once on your foot, so the image has to strike a punch from the right angle to the side.

 The Dolly’s come for tea time!

just one more pair…!

love this picture above! the Dolly’s all lines up having a gossip, whilst i wait for the kettle to boil so i can put a brew on! tee hee!

Please note The pictures below do not show the complete finished Dolly in all its glory, as there is still masking tape on the inner heel and lining, but you get the gist!

wham bam thank you maam!

Here they are in December US Elle magazine December 2012: