To celebrate the success of Boyarde’s recent exhibition at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, for Frieze London; The Montagu hosted a fabulous Boyarde cocktail evening!!

The evening brought together all those who made the exhibition possible, including a handful of fabulous fashion and lifestyle bloggers,who so kindly leant their beloved bags for the exhibition.

With champagne on tap, an array of delectable nibbles, and a display of hand piped chocolate palettes, each equipped with a set of delicious edible paintbrushes, the evening was a great success!!

The highlight of the evening however, was without a doubt the amazing Frieze art cocktail, entitled the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ especially designed for Frieze London by the Hyatt’s very own barman: Marcus. Displayed in an arty hand painted jar, With smoked infused lavender and mixed with edible paint, the cocktail was a huge huge hit! We had certainly had a few!

To add a bit of Boyarde-esque mischievousness to the evening, all our guests, had great fun in the Boyarde photo booth, equipped with handheld witty speech bubbles, with some of Hollywood’s most iconic quotes. See if you can spot yourself in the photos below!! Which speech bubble best describes you?!?

The Boyarde team, would like to say a huge thank you to all who came to support the event, and whom made the exhibition possible; we hope you had as much fun as we did! One particular thank you goes to the Hyatt team, who have made every event spectacular, and have made us feel so welcome throughout the duration of the exhibition!! So here is a selection of photos from the fabulous evening, look out for the one of Boyarde munching in to the chocolate paint pallette, its a gooden!!;)

IMG_1929frieze hyattIMG_1916frieze hyatt

The bar, equipped with Boyarde Diva coasters!!

IMG_1903frieze hyatt IMG_1902frieze hyatt

IMG_1913frieze hyatt IMG_1930frieze hyatt



The fabulous chocolate art paint palette! Yum!!

IMG_1965frieze hyatt IMG_1953frieze hyatt IMG_1907frieze hyatt IMG_9164frieze hyatt


The amazing art cocktail: ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody’IMG_1918frieze hyattIMG_1924frieze hyatt IMG_9151frieze hyatt IMG_9107frieze hyatt IMG_9116frieze hyatt


Boyarde Photobooth fun!! Spot the lovely Emily, and the wonderful girls at the Hyatt!



The wonderful Alan, manager of the Churchill bar!IMG_1925frieze hyatt



The Boyarde team pouting away!


Marcus the barmen in full swing!

IMG_9119frieze hyatt  IMG_9134frieze hyatt


IMG_9160frieze hyatt

Boyarde digging in!! Definitely a rebel without a cause 😉

IMG_9143frieze hyatt IMG_9163frieze hyatt IMG_9153frieze hyatt