Boyarde touches yet another special Birkin with her magical paintbrush! 

The British artist Boyarde Messenger is famous for her adventurous style and artwork, and for not shying away from the challenge of any canvas.  Always expressing herself with bold pop-art energy, her artistic gusto has enriched countless unconventional canvases such as the female body, interiors and even motorbikes! 

And yet, one of the areas in which she is most known for the excellence of her work is the transformation of luxury fashion accessories.  In her hands, brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Goyard and Louis Vuitton can be seen in a completely new light and reach beyond the level of excellent craftsmanship, to the realms of true one of a kind artworks. 

A new challenge for the artist came with her painting an iconic Boyarde diva on the Birkin of one of the most exciting and innovative content creators on Instagram. Tina Lee, the charming and delicate face that drives the blog Of Leather and Lace, is not only a luxury fashion and travel influencer, but also a stylist with a pronounced sense of colour.  Versed in many artistic fields, she edits her own works, creating a new romantic universe, which fits perfectly with Boyarde’s classic Hollywood aesthetics. 

Even the bag for this project was more special than usual.  Lee had received the grey Birkin as a wedding gift from her mother, which ads a layer of personal importance to the luxury item.  The artist and the influencer decided to adorn the accessory with the image of an icon they both revere: the one and only Audrey Hepburn, surrounded by passionate red roses. Like the subtle conflict between leather and lace, here we have the fragile beauty of the rose contrasting with the small yet dangerous thorns on its stem. Just like any fabulous woman.

Detail from the bag

The commission was painted in Boyarde’s studio in London and its completion took more than 100 hours.  Tina Lee loves the end result and proudly displays the Boyarde Birkin on her social media, letting the whole world see Audrey’s wise words: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

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