Hello all

I thought i would put a new post up showing the beginning of my brand new art works and its very exciting as this is a momentous project that i am just starting. You may or not know, that I am kind of multi media artist, I’m a trained photographer and painter, incorporating the two together. I am known for my Pop Art Bottoms, painting directly on to the female body, painting the background and then photographing it, which technically makes me a body painter, although i do not use traditional body painting techniques, the body is my canvas.

I am also known for being commissioned by the amazing Charlotte Olympia, to paint 100 pairs of her signature Dolly shoes, referring to great masters of art. I have a beautiful pair myself, the pop art Dolly.

Painting is my passion and i was looking for a new direction for my Pop Art Bottoms that sell internationally from Miami,New York,  London, to Jordan! The works tend to be abstract, embracing the female body in all shapes and forms, keeping a balance between power and vulnerability through mischievous and playfulness. Having studied Scopophilia: ‘The Pleasure of Gazing’ in particular at the female body, a notion coming from Freud, developed by Laura Mulvey, a feminist film theorist, i wanted to concentrate on how the female is perceived in familiar topical art, how the ‘gaze’ further concretes her gender stereotype throughout history. By painting on the body, I plan to allow layers of thought in addressing this gaze, that can liberate the female object of desire, taking pleasure in the aesthetic of the female form, or cement her further into her surrounding stigma and stereotype.

This is the first piece where i look at Lichtenstein (after visiting his Retrospect at Tate Modern) who made his mark with his comic book Benday dots of 50s advertising and romance novels that asserted the role of the female as the vulnerable housewife dependant on the alpha male. In terms of further contextualisation, i only just discovered that Roy Lichtenstein idolised Picasso and after initially failing as an abstract artist and then finding his comic book stamp, he then returned to address his love of Picasso by regurgitating his own version of Picasso’s ‘Women of Algiers’ 1955, which is actually Picasso’s painting based on an 1834 painting by Eugene Delacroix. I am following his lead and embracing this popular trend ‘transforming a high-art painting into another high-art medium that pretends to be low art’ (Lichtenstein: A Retrospective. text by Sheena Wagstaff). From Delacroix, to Picasso, to Lichtenstein, to Boyarde…. Well kind of!

This is a very exciting start to a brand new project and i hope you like it.Butt ?! Triptych body painted art by Boyarde MessengerBUTT ?! body painted art by Boyarde Messenger

hand painted body art and backdrop by Boyarde Messenger

lichtenstein female gender stereotype

Lichtenstein melody

Licthenstein Melody

lichtenstein femme dalgerLichtenstein ‘Femme D’Algiers’ from Picasso’s below ‘Women of Algiers’ from Delacroix ‘Femme D’Alger dans Leur Apartement’ 1834picasso women of algiersdelacroix femme dalgiers

Scopophilia and The Pleasure of Gazing, 1950’s 1960’s cinema addressed by Laura Mulvey. An ideal example of the the gaze in Federico Fellini‘s La Dolce VitaLa Dolce Vita Scopophilia

and lastly my Pop Art Dolly limited edition shoe commissioned by Charlotte Olympia exclusively for Neiman Marcus December 2012 (all sold out sadly!)Charlotte Olympia pop art dolly painted by Boyarde MessengerIMG_3655Charlotte Olympia pop art shoe by Boyarde Messengerdolly lichtenstein final