Nobody who is even remotely familiar with Boyarde’s work would be surprised by her adventurous nature and tendency to leave her fabulous visual mark on all kinds of surfaces. Her works have adorned not only the more traditional canvases and walls, but also the female body and even motorbikes.

And yet, one of the surfaces she is most famous for painting on is luxury fashion accessories. Boyarde loves to transform designer bags of brands such as Hermès, Chanel, Goyard and Dior, from exquisite works of the best craftsmen to true pieces of wearable art.

She and her team of skilled artisans would transform these items with Divas, the signature Boyarde leopard pattern, floral motives or even portraits of your loved ones.

One of her favourite subjects, however, is… dogs! All kinds of dogs! Small dogs, big dogs, cute dogs, stern dogs, fluffy dogs, naughty dogs, good-boy dogs! Depicting man’s (or woman’s!) best friend is one of the most joyous and rewarding subjects because there is only one thing you can find in the eyes of a dog – an insatiable hunger for love.

Boyarde’s army of pooches is growing ever more vast and soon will be unstoppable. It covers all sorts of luxury items, from Louis Vuitton totes to Hermès Birkin bags. Though, one hopes that Boyarde would paint some cats soon too. It seems a bit unfair to the feline family. They too can be an inspiration for some true luxury art! Oh wait… Boyarde does paint cats. Big cats! Leopards and lions! Doggies… beware!

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