Boyarde had a fabulous afternoon yesterday, dining at exclusive private members club: Mark’s Club Mayfair. The event was hosted by Barclays bank in collaboration with the Fabulous niche fashion brand, Baraboux, who specialise in exotic skins.

Always ready to embrace a new canvas, Boyarde was super excited to hand paint on Baraboux’s incredible collection of Crocodile and Python skin handbags. Boyarde created an exclusive set of designs for the event. These designs included a snakeskin Alphabet, a snakeskin keyhole and a Baraboux’s very own Boyarde Diva who embodies the characteristics of the true Baraboux woman.

The event itself was exquisite. Spoilt with an incredible menu, beautiful flowers and fabulous outfits, Boyarde was delighted to attend. Here are some photos of the day, photographed by the wonderful Caitlin Mogridge, as well some snaps of the items themselves.