Boyarde has been celebrating her creative roots recently, embracing her journey as an artist. Where she is known as ‘the artist without a canvas’ her most commonly recognised canvas is luxury handbags. However, this is by no means the limit to her creative expertise. Throughout her artistic career, Boyarde has acquired many other labels including: ‘Boyarde the Mural Painter’, Boyarde the Body Painter, and Boyarde the Bum Lady.’ One day she could even be Boyarde the painter of Ferrari’s. Who knows? For Boyarde there is no challenge too big, or canvas too complex… watch this space 😉

In light of this, it was with great pride that Boyarde embraced the recent opportunity to bring elements of the gallery world, where she first began her career, to her fashion audience. Boyarde was asked to partake in a project for the re-launch of DFS T Galleria’s George Street store. Thinking outside of the box, Boyarde decided to design an art installation, for the entrance hall of the luxury department store, which exhibited her exclusive ‘Sydney collection.’ This was Boyarde’s first city collection, and was designed to entice the shopper. This instagrammable installation embodied an Aussie theme, taking existing narratives of iconic phrases and mashing them up with fun Aussie slang. I mean, what better than taking Australia’s famous Vegemite, and pairing it with a speech bubble advising you to“Keep your friends close and your Vegemite closer!!”

This mischievous humour is everything Boyarde is about, and was well received by Sydney shoppers, bloggers, and influencers alike. Aided by the Cartier champagne, the buzz around the exhibit at the launch event was undeniable. Boyarde was delighted with the reception to her exhibit, of which almost all items sold within the launch weekend. As well as making several new Boyarde fans of Sydney’s most influential bloggers, the exhibit also received some great press including a fabulous article by Nicholas Carolan. Boyarde particularly loved the way he tenaciously grasped her love of the Pop Art genre with brilliant perception, coveting the fantastic phrase “Prêt-a-pop artist.”

For Boyarde, ‘Pop Art’ is a wonderful genre, that is often misunderstood. Many people think it simply means ‘Pop’ ‘Bam’ and ‘Wow,’ where it is in fact a much deeper and expressive genre. Pop Art is layers upon layers of existing artistic narrative which is re-contextualised, to create something new. This allows for the viewer to immediately relate to what has been created. It brings a memory to the viewer, so they feel they know it already. This kind of  imagery allows for an immediate bond between viewer and artist. This is what Boyarde tries to encapsulate in all her artwork, such as the pieces in her ‘Sydney Collection’ exhibit.

This fashion exhibit would not have been possible without the fabulous DFS team whom Boyarde would like to thank for the success of this collaborative project. This opportunity arose from a continued relationship between Boyarde and DFS, which began in November 2017, where Boyarde was invited as a special guest to hold workshop’s for DFS T Galleria’s Loyal T customers in the Prestige Lounge of their Macau store. Boyarde loves to work with the DFS team, whose innovative energy is a perfect match to her own.  We are excited to see what projects will follow. In the mean time, check out some pictures of the exhibit and event below. We encourage you to choose your favourite speech bubble. 😉

To all those lucky owners of a Boyarde artwork, remember this: Be it your handbag, the wall of your house, or even your bottom;) – that canvas is no longer just a canvas, now: #’It’s a Boyarde’

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Love the Boyarde team x

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