I was delighted to find out that Caz MacClancy of CazyAn LifeStyle and Art had organised a solo show of my gallery artwork this summer. As i have been so busy hand painting my art onto fashion accessories the past 7 months, from Louis Vuittons to Hermes Birkins, that i have not been able to devote any time to my beloved Bottom Art! Last year i created a new series of body painted bottoms specifically concentrating on the Pop Art genre, dealing with gender stereotyping in Popular Culture and familiar imagery. Each piece, deals with female stereotyping, by re-contextualising old imagery to convey a new narrative, loaded with mischievous wit and humour; by ‘slapping’ it literally onto the female form, the irony of the stereotype is embraced further.

Due to my heavy work load and commitments, some of the pieces were still not finished or printed. So it was perfect timing to have this show and showcase all the new works alongside my classic work.

The private view was a huge success, from the incredible canapés served on picture frames, to the exquisite cup cakes with edible Boyarde art, to my fabulous two Pop Girl ambassadors, Cecily and Talia, adorned in speech bubbles ‘ask me a question?’ and ‘you talkin’ to me?!’, there on hand to help answer any questions about my art works on display. The champagne was flowing and Faron Sutaria, South Kensington, transformed their working office into an incredible Pop Up Event for one night. Thank you to all involved, especially Caz MacClancy and Ben Rivera with whom it would not have been possible. I am pleased to announce that the exhibition will be a permanent feature over Summer 2014. Please visit Faron Sutaria, 115 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London.IMG_1607

i would like to eat these again please!IMG_1941

Boyarde Art in front of Boyarde Art!IMG_1910

Boyarde in front of the Skins on the window, they certainly got some attention!IMG_1949

my and my pop girl ambassadors, Cecily and Talia!IMG_1902

exhibition all ready to go!IMG_1950 IMG_1959 IMG_1948


go on! you know you want to!

gIMG_1982 IMG_1975 IMG_1980

Behind the Kiss in Purple, 2013IMG_4119faronsutaria

BUTT BUTT BUTT?! 2013IMG_4101faronsutaria

myself and gorgeous FariaIMG_4100faronsutaria IMG_4109faronsutaria

my father and TaliaIMG_4116faronsutaria

classic works!IMG_4114faronsutaria