Today i was interviewed by the brilliant Tim Wilcox at the BBC headquarters for BBC WORLD NEWS, on GMT, a programme for the international audience, with a weekly viewings of 70 million! I was terrified but excited as i was going to have 4 minutes to talk about my journey from Belize, Central America, to body painting in Belize, to exhibiting my Bottom body painted art all over the world to my Pop Art. There was so much more i planned to say but of course didnt fit it all in, but am so pleased with the result, and am surprised by how well i hid my nerves! Here  it is plus a few pictures. Thank you to Caz MacClancy for organizing this. If you are interested in any of my limited edition pop art bottoms please contact Caz MacClancy at

video below

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1