Tonight aired this weeks episode of Russell Howard’s Good News and I was asked to be the mystery guest because my Pop Art Bottoms have been in the headlines so much recently! I was ready to embrace the ‘bum n cheek’ side of my art and a good bit of Russell banter! I told russell that i would teach him how to body paint and he got extremely excited thinking he would get to paint on his own naked lady, only to be confronted with his friends hairy male bottom sticking out of a cut out of Mona Lisa‘s face: Lovely! Suddenly twitter could come alive with the tweets of bumLove, HairyBum and BottomsUp! If you did not get a chance to see it, it will be on repeat and i player and hopefully a you tube clip soon.

Russell Howards’ Good News, is BBC 3‘s highest rated show and with repeats and i player, it reaches 5 million viewers. BUM LOVE, BOTTOMS UP, BUM n CHEEK yaaaay spread the word! xRussell howard 1

Russell trying to guess what i dorussell howard 2Russell gets his own canvas but is shocked to discover its his friends hairy bum!IMG_3226bomb

hair and make up, got to look fab!IMG_3227bomb IMG_3235bomb1

my amazing friend and model Alexandra Alam, is my beautiful bottom, what a gorgeous bum!IMG_3236bomb1 IMG_3242

this will become a piece of art work soon to go into the gallery

IMG_3246what a mess we made in our dressing room, paints, mags, and loads of chocolate!x

this was the piece in the metro that originally caught their attention!:

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