I have recently begun to paint personalised pop art portraits of my clients. The outcome has been great! Here is a sneak peak of the results!

If you would like Boyarde to paint your portrait, or perhaps a friend or family member on your own fashion accessories, get in touch by emailing info@boyarde.com or by clicking on the link on the homepage. Of course i like to do it with my usual mischievous wit if you’ll let me!

angela arifin portrait birkin montage angela portrait close up 3 angela portrait close up 2

Angela portrait 2

My beautiful client, with her Shitsu called Gucci, with the fabulously daring quote from the equally daring Samantha from sex in the city “It’s not a bag it’s a birkin”

sinan daughter red goyard work in progress Sinan daughter red goyard close up 3 text sinan daughter blue goyard work in progress

sinan daughter blue goyard 2 Sinan daughter red goyard 2

My client’s lovely daughter, with playful speech bubbles of her first words.