very excited to exhibit a selection of my new bum bums but also my new portrait of Marilyn Monroe in time for the new film. Lots going on in there to do with Scophophilia, the pleasure of gazing, in particular in the cinema auditorium where marilyn reigned supreme!x

In the 1970’s Laura Mulvey applied the notion of ‘Scopophilia’, the pleasure of gazing, to cinema: ‘In the darkness of the cinema auditorium it is notable that one may look without being seen either by those on screen by other members of the audience.’ Here the viewer could enjoy the voyeuristic process of objectification of female characters and the male gaze could reign supreme and Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate cinema target.

In my portrait, by embracing the male gaze combining it with my love of Kitsch, she gains a balance between vulnerability and power. Although this image is fun and playful, there are layers upon layers, looking for Divas pre-1970’s, who were the subject of Scopophilia throughout time, from Marlene Dietrich to the models of The Pre-Raphaelites.

Had to add in my montage of Barrack Obama also, a montage made of famous and pivotal figures throughout time to link in with politics.