The Place London concept store by Simon Burstein is delighted to announce a limited edition collaboration with British Pop Artist Boyarde.

Boyarde, known for painting on ‘unusual canvasses’, has been commissioned by The Place London to hand-paint two unique designs onto British brand, Brady Bag’s signature ‘Calder Bag’, the classic yet modern Bucket Bag style. Both bags are sold at The Place, London.

When creating the diva design on canvas, Boyarde wanted to draw on the classic nature of the bag whilst adding an element of mystery to it. Thus, she combined her own signature Diva with a mischievous air, by placing the Diva peering through a keyhole.

For the leopard design on leather, Boyarde complimented the bags elegance with the exotic nature of the leopard, contrasted against the quotes witty humour.

The two designs are exclusive to The Place London and prices start from £700.

The Place Keyhole draw string bag 1The Place Diva Canvas Brady copyThe Place Leopard draw string 1 copyThe Place Leopard draw string 2