Bored of your Birkin… Really, could you ever be?!!!!

Or maybe you have an old one that is feeling left out against the new troops. Well, you may or may not know that I pretty much paint on everything but paper! I am known in the art world for painting on ladies derrieres, my Pop Art Bottoms sell internationally in galleries all over the world. But last year i was commissioned to hand paint 100 limited edition pairs of Charlotte Olympia Dolly’s exclusively for Neiman Marcus (all sold out, do not email me asking for a pair or where to get them, they were very limited edition and went in a flash, they are now officially collectables if you are lucky enough to have got your mitts on a pair!). Since then my taste buds have desperate to try out painting on other fashion accessories.

Petits Bisous boutique, London, commissioned me to hand paint my Pop Art signature on some vintage bags and leather shorts, painting my own style inspired by art history and popular culture, that deals consciously or unconsciously with female gender stereotype, addressing her extreme power and vulnerability through the Pop Idiom and kitsch. And since then there is no stopping me… and i have been lucky enough to have been commissioned to paint on some very special bags…. Hello Bored Birkin, come and have some Pop Art Love and become the centre of attention again. More commissions coming, more requests, so watch this space. If you are interested in commissioning me to paint a fabulous fashion meets art accessory, get in touch and you can have your very own limited edition piece of Boyarde art to adorn. Various pictures below and of previous projects with Charlotte Olympia and Petits Bisous.

IMG_6743 IMG_6769IMG_6794 IMG_6802IMG_7150He has no idea BACK She has no idead Frontbirkin baang birkin goodbye my darling IMG_6638 IMG_6931

just so happen to paint my pop art Scopophilia (the love of looking) on everything but paper, bottoms, phone covers and bags!

And below some bags and shorts exclusively for Petits Bisous and my hand painted Charlotte Olympia Dolly’s commissioned by Charlotte Olympia and painted exclusively for Neiman Marcus Art Basel, Miami 2012.elle us december charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyardedolly lichtenstein final Charlotte Olympia pop art shoe by Boyarde Messenger dolly pop art dolly charlotte and me neiman marcus photo dolly art shoes she finds IMG_3859 charlotte olympia hand painted dolly by boyarde

Boyarde hand painting Charlotte Olympia Dollys for Neiman Marcus

Below exclusive designs for Petits Bisous, London

kiss me shorts both eyes and lips back front back IMG_6255 pocahontas Two minds copy

prices for commissions depend on several factors on whether i am providing the bag or you are providing the branded bag of your choice, the size, the type of commission. Prices can range from £400-£2500 dependent on size of wallet, bag, luggage, volume and detail of painting plus p&p

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