Taking a break from painting bags, remember, i seem to ‘paint on everything but paper’, i never stray too far from my original canvas, the female body, to express my art, using my paint brush to address ‘the gaze’ upon her and from within her, finding the balance between power and vulnerability, with a mischievous, playful twist.

I photographed some beautiful bottoms last year, one was when i went on Russell Howard’s Good News show on BBC 3. I went down the blatant Pop Art theme, taking direct clippings from 1950s comic strips and giving them a film noir, pulp fiction thriller twist. Her body, as the canvas reveals the extreme female stereotypes played out in past popular culture, here the quote ‘she was explosive and he knew it’, on the surface plays out a literal ticking time bomb, also revealing a femme fatale, dangerous and seductive and in danger of terrifying the male subject, verging on a black widow type woman, a spider who treats her mate like her next meal! This is extreme, this is film noir, pulp fiction, and this woman is devious, void of any vulnerable attributes, this woman is a stereotype of 1950s fantasy novels and comic strips and she is anything but real! Keeping in theme with original comic strip colours, the palette is bright but has a ‘vintage’ feel. Its POP POP POP packed with a punch! And it’s not just a pretty bottom. I also photographed another similar but different bottom with the same genre of Film noir and B-movie 1950s film posters; once again it took me rather a long time to edit it as my work load never eased up. Here I am keeping the words ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ and taking it very literally to create my narrative with some humour kept in.

Here are the final edits of 2014, some times i like to leave a piece for a while before coming back to it, as i was not happy with the original colours.russell howard 2 on BBC 3’s Russell Howard show, it was a hoot!Russell howard 1 IMG_3235bomb1  Backstage, waiting to be filmed. Alexandra’s beautiful bottom!IMG_3242Boom Boom Boom PINK PURPLE REDBOOM BOOM BOOM, she was explosive and he knew it! a parody of pulp and film noir femme fatales.drop dead gorgeous drawing email

my original drawing for Drop Dead GorgeousDrop Dead Gorgeous pink purple blue

the final colours for Drop Dead Gorgeous in a triptych, although i may release one with a gold version also!

Drop Dead Gorgeous in Pink



Drop Dead Gorgeous in Pink!

These has now been released (June 2014) and other colours may be released too. The final image is sold as a limited edition triptych of 10 only as a c-type photograph available framed in Diasec. A single version will also be released as a limited edition of 5 only at 100x66cm. Please email boyarde@boyarde.com for details.  [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]