‘Boyarde will be Boyarde’: The Sydney Exhibit

Boyarde has been celebrating her creative roots recently, embracing her journey as an artist. Where she is known as 'the artist without a canvas' her most commonly recognised canvas is luxury handbags. However, this is by no means the limit to her creative expertise. Throughout her artistic career, Boyarde has acquired many other labels including: 'Boyarde the Mural Painter', Boyarde the Body Painter, and Boyarde the Bum Lady.' One day she could even be Boyarde the painter of Ferrari's. Who knows? For Boyarde there is no challenge too big, or canvas too complex... watch this space ;)  

In light of this, it was with great pride that Boyarde embraced the recent opportunity to bring elements of the gallery world, where she first began her career, to her fashion audience. Boyarde was asked to partake in a project for the re-launch of DFS T Galleria's George Street store. Thinking outside of the box, Boyarde decided to design an art installation, for the entrance hall of the luxury ...

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Happy International Women’s Day!

It's March 8th which can only mean International Women's Day! So this is to celebrate all the wonderful and powerful ladies out there.


The female body has always fascinated Boyarde and the stigmas attached to gender empowerment, in particular ‘Scopophilia’: “the pleasure of gazing at the female form”.

Her own personal journey of female empowerment began when she found a beautiful village called Placencia, in Belize. Working alongside the local women, she aimed break down the stigmas associated with nudity and objectification of the female form, through body painting. Check out the fabulous images below.

Boyarde still works at inspiring women to bring out their “inner goddess’” through her accessory painting. Whether it be a diva or her classic lips Boyarde’s work remains on the safe side of naughty. (more…)

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody.. ..and what an incredible year we have had here at Boyarde. It has been fabulous year of orders from our lovely loyal clients, in addition to the involvement and pre-planning of several exciting collaborations and special projects... watch this space ;) This year we have expanded our little team rapidly, with several new artists joining the crew, working tirelessly to keep up with the Boyarde demand! To top it all off Boyarde was honoured to be asked to be a very special guest at an event for DFS T Galleria in Macau back in November. Boyarde was wined and dined and spoiled on this exciting trip, where she held workshops for the fabulous DFS Vip clients alongside the renowned fashion influencers Bag Snob and MrBags. Many glasses of champagne later we returned to England to end the year by opening our return pop up shop in The Selfridges Oxford Street store. The shop that was designed specifically for us launched in the personalisation space in the n...
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“All We need is Love!”

Love is in the air... Full of love here in the Boyarde studio this Valentines <3 Hope you are all feeling the love too ;) We thought we would take the opportunity to share some of ours with you... The year has gotten off to a roaring start, aided by the launch of our new and improved website and shiny new shop! It is now easier than ever to get your very own Boyarde! Whether you want customise your bag with one of Boyarde's personalised and interchangeable bag charms, or are looking for something a little more permanent and personal with a one off Bespoke artwork on your favourite bag. The possibilities are endless.. Perhaps you got a special little something for Valentines that could be made just that little bit more fabulous with the art of personalisation. ;) If so, please get in touch... Watch this space for some exciting projects we have in store for you this year. Happy Valentines to all. Share the Boyarde love xxxxx  
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LKB X BOAYRDE! At the end of last year, British accessible luxury brand L.K.Bennett, announced a hugely exciting collaboration with Boyarde, that has been in the pipeline since 2015. The collaboration came about, after Boyarde painted a handful of LK Bennett (now 'iconic') Mariel bags for a selection of influential fashionistas and bloggers as part of the summer spring collection Instagram preview, back in 2015! The bespoke run Pop art letters, were such a huge hit with instagram followers, that the bags were later featured in the Look magazine as the 'IT' bag of 2015. :0 It is described as the "most coveted bag of 2015." Due to unparalleled demand for the Pop Art letters, the concept was re-imagined as luxurious leather adornments, (or stickers as we call them), to allow everyone to create their own personalised accessory at a more high street price. The 9th November 2016, was a very exciting day for Boyarde when the leather alphabet stickers were launched in all Lo...
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Success at Selfridges

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! What an epic year for Boyarde Ltd. closing with a triumphant finale in the Selfridges Oxford street store, where the Boyarde team had a holiday pop up shop. It was a hugely successful five weeks where Boyarde and her team absolutely loved meeting her fabulous clients and fans. It was a huge honour to have our own space and products on sale in one of the world's most successful department stores; who have just opened the largest accessories hall in the world. As well as offering Boyarde's signature alphabets and Badges hand painted directly on to clients preloved or newly bought items, Selfridge's marked the launch of Boyarde's hand made, hand painted bag charms, which are personalised to order. We were delighted with the response, and proud of the display of charms seen hanging from some of Selfridges's top branded bags. And of course now you can purchase these charms right here in our online shop! From crazy personal shopping orders to returning clie...
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New Shop Arrivals

We are super excited to announce the launch of our new Boyarde Bag Charms, available TODAY in our exclusive online shop! Boyarde's charms are entirely hand crafted, hand cut and hand painted in Boyarde's London studio. Embracing the insatiable appetite for personalisation, Boyarde's charms are unique to each customer, as they can include the individual’s initials or name in calligraphy. There are very limited edition numbers of each style due to the hand crafted nature of the charms. All charms come with gold plated hardware and are presented in an A6 gift box with Boyarde metallic coated logo. What a perfect Christmas gift!

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Special Projects & Collaborations


Special Projects & Collaborations

Boyarde has continued involvement in several major projects, including product launches with leading International fashion houses, collaborations with major Departments stores such as Selfridge's London, as well as one off projects with luxury fashion brands including: Kiehls London, LK Bennett, Baraboux, Liberty London, Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Smythson.



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I Want a Boyarde

Commission Handpainted Bags

Want some Boyarde Pop Art on your fashion accessory and are curious about the process?? Here are answers to our frequently asked questions. I Want A BoyardePlease contact us below to begin your process.

  • We ship internationally- we regularly work with international clients from all over the world.
  • We will hand paint on any fashion accessory from bags, to shoes, to jackets.
  • We hand paint on any brand from luxury goods to high street brands.
  • We can work with any canvas and any texture. Every material is treated differently and handled with the utmost care and respect.
  • We use specialised preparation methods to ensure the longevity of the artwork. The artwork is designed to last- it will not chip, fade or peel if treated with care.
  • Lead time varies dependent upon type of commission. All private clients join a queue.
  • Questions about payments and shipping? Visit our FAQ page.
#ItsNotABagItsABoyarde [contact-form-7 id="43960" title="I Want A Boyarde"]
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Pop Art Bottoms

Pop Art Body Painting Gunshot BAANG
Boyarde’s Pop Art Bottoms, explore her fascination with the female form and the nature of its power, engendered in the ‘pleasure of looking’: Scopophilia. This notion examines all gazes, from narcissism within the subject, to objectification by the viewer. Working with the Pop Idiom Boyarde re-contextualizes familiar subconscious Scopophilic images of all types of art from The Pre-Raphaelites to Lichtenstein, to The Golden Age of Comics, Pulp Fiction novels to icons of photography and cinema. In doing so Boyarde unravels the history of gender stereotype and by painting onto the female body for her canvas, she transforms high art into low art, back into high art, by embracing the wonderful vulgar progress of kitsch. (more…)
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Come Fly with me!

This lovely client wanted to embrace the travel theme for her Goyard luggage items. Everybody knows flying hot air balloon is the chicest way to travel ;) Combine this with the classic Frank Sinatra lyric "come fly with me" and you have a fabulous Boyarde narrative. To personalise your own luggage with some fabulous Boyarde artwork, Contact Us.      
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Ronald Reagan meets Goyard!

Boyarde has painted many Pop Art portraits in her time, from classic film noir Divas, to client self portraits. However, this week was a first for Boyarde who was asked to paint a politician, namely the famous 1980's American President: Ronald Reagan on a Goyard! Paired with his famous quote, this bag is a fabulous commemoration to the political career of this US President, with personal value for the client. Check out the making of pictures below! Perhaps there is a political figure, or icon in your life that you would like to commemorate on your fashion accessories? Contact Boyarde to start the process today.  
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