It has been a while since i created a post, well i apologize for that but i have simply been too busy! Lots of exciting things are happening for Boyarde Art, and there is more to come soon about this. But in the mean time, i have sadly not been able to get back to my beloved Belize, where i feel at home, but where i create all of my art work. So to compensate more than enough, i spontaneously decided to go to Portugal with two girlfriends and pre-empted that i must be inspired, so i took my camera, my paint brushes and my paints! After all Portugal has the formula to inspire me to create art: Sun, a must, Sea, helps greatly, heat, even better especially when the UK seems to be getting none of the above; good company, check, ambience, check, good food, check and lastly, stunning scenery to get my juices going!

This is the first post to link to my new art created in Portugal in the beautiful quiet fishing village of Olhao right by the sea with a sprinkling of stunning islands with white sandy beaches and crystal blue water.

So feast your eyes on my surroundings there, to get an insight into why i was so inspired to create three new pieces of work for my Pop Art Bottom series. And remember, as many people don’t seem to believe, i actually hand paint the body which is my canvas, and then photograph it, i do not simply project some art via the computer onto the body, i put the graft in! And some of the behind-the-scenes shots from Portugal, have now inspired me to get back into full nude body art, not just Bottom art. Take a look!x

our little oasis

the place is so beautiful in its decay, it becomes delicate and romantic

everyone needs good food to stay inspired! Fig salad!

my most favourite shot, behind the scenes, but taking pictures like this has inspired me to do full nude body art again.

here you can see i clearly am not using photoshop to project the image onto the body! this is why i show the ‘making’ of the art

making mosaic print out of potato cut outs!

love this behind the scenes shot of my water mosaic pop art bottom

love my washing lines!

can this place have any more oasis places!?

played around with the idea of shells but decided against it in the end

clearly my main inspiration to take with me from Portugal: their tiled buildings LOVE!

great place to stop by!

painting corals on the beach, mid way

my golden coral model takes a break on the beach!

love this shot!

so hopefully you can see why i was so inspired in Portugal, brimming with ideas and having so much painting and taking photographs. You will just have to wait for the final images coming soon! 🙂