My goodness what a busy year it has been! And incredibly exciting and humbling; just over a year ago, i decided to learn how to paint on leather and vinyl handbags and embrace my new fashion audience, having successfully hand painted 100 pairs of limited edition Charlotte Olympia Dolly’s for the Neiman Marcus Charlotte Olympia Collaboration for Art Basel 2012. Since then, my hand bags have featured in Vogue Brasil, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, You Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Marie Claire Turkey, L’officiel Indonesia and more!  I love painting, but in particular l have always liked a challenge, and have always found myself painting on unusual canvasses from body painting to murals. My passion has always been about empowering women, and addressing how we gender stereotype. I am a visual artist, and was often described by my tutors at art university, as being too ‘literal’. So it was last year that i decided to turn being literal, from a ‘weakness’ into my strength, embracing the irony of superficial visually aesthetic art. And this is where my Pop Art side comes in…!

Here is a snippet from my press release that sums it up:

When focusing on her painterly work, Boyarde describes herself as ‘painting on everything but paper’. This came as a natural transition from using the female body as a canvas, to shoes and most recently bags. Her Pop Art now transcends from the body to fashion accessories, and her new projects explore further her fascination with the female form and the nature of its power, engendered in the ‘pleasure of looking’: Scopophilia. This notion examines all gazes, from narcissism within the subject, to objectification by the viewer. Working in the Pop Idiom, Boyarde re-contextualizes familiar sub-conscious Scopophilic images of all types of art from The Pre-Raphaelites to Lichtenstein, to The Golden Age of Comics to icons of photography and cinema. In doing so she unravels the history of gender stereotype and by painting onto her canvas, be it the female body or a handbag, she transforms high art into low art, back into high art, by embracing the wonderful vulgar progress of kitsch.

The word is spreading, and my fabulous clientele reach from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Dubai, Saudi Arabia to Europe and all the way over to Brazil. Here are some pictures of recent creations that focus around popular culture, stigma’s and stereotypes… Enjoy 🙂

Love this Film Noir, silver screen creation for a gorgeous Brazilian Client on her Burgundy Hermes 35 Birkin.

Agla birkin film noir martini agla birkin back film noir perfum bottle having a play on gender stereotype and the clash of the alpha’s, for a lovely client in Taiwan on this juicy Purple Birkin

catwoman swinging purple birkin batman catwoman mans world purple birkin ‘Im not like other girls’ says Alice…!alice in wonderland goyard front alice in wonderland goyard back A classic Cecil Beaton picture of Audrey Hepburn, for this romantic, subtle artwork on this Blue Birkin.audrey hepburn blue birkin in progress audrey hepburn blue birkin text Who can resist, painting Coco on a Coco! Coco chanel chanel 255 front view Coco chanel on chanel 255 close up Coco chanel chanel 255 bottle back Love this design! One of the most famous Alpha Male Quotes from Gone with the Wind, turned around to be said by this film noir beauty. ‘Frankly My dear, i don’t give a damn!’frankly my dear front goyard frankly my dear back goyard Somewhere over the Rainbow…. that’s where you’ll find me… somewhere over the rainbow fendi front somewhere over the rainbow fendi back somewhere over the rainbow fendi close upFT how to spend it collage bags 150214You magazine interiors lush list valentines 090214Vogue Brasil december 13 p164 bagsI will try to post more images soon, with some behind the scenes of the artwork. I hope you enjoyed it. For commission enquiries, please email / for all the information, please note there is currently a waiting list of around 7-14 weeks for completion of the artwork.